Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Lessons: The Art of the Start

I love this post here: Its a link to the manifesto for Guy Kawasaki's book "The Art of the Start". It puts it in plain English, basically get an idea, find a meaning in you work, and start. Don't go putting down a business plan, just start. I believe this and have heard it before. The idea of kicking things off is something I'm working on now but I've realized I have two big road blocks. The first is that sometimes I try and start things without even knowing if it will work. To this end I just ordered this book: The New Business Road Test: What Entrepreneurs and Executives Should do Before Writing a Business Plan. Of course, I inherently disagree with the subtitle because I'm not writing business plans, but the purpose of the book is to find a way to test ideas before you do them to see if they'll work. To me, this is the real gem and the thing I need to figure out.
The second thing I realize I'm missing is the fact that I run out of ideas sometimes or cant come up with any that I think are really good. To remedy this I read a lot, travel and pay attention as I'm going around. I'm supposed to be carrying a moleskin to write stuff down but I don't. Anyway, my thought is that while going through life I'll see something that I can work off of and implement it. For instance, I was trying to find a candle for my apartment and couldn't and realized that lots of men probably couldn't either. So for about a week I went on a rant to make candles for men. However, after calling manufactures there seemed to be a lot of capital needed to do a run of candles and I realized I might be in over my head in a market I didn't know or understand. So I pulled off, but I'm going to read my new book and see if I should revisit it and a bunch of other plans I've had.

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