Saturday, January 30, 2010

About This Blog

This blog is about a lot of different things. Initially, the idea for this blog came about because a friend and myself were riding in a car and we were talking about plans for the upcoming year and I joked that someone should tape it. Then it ht me. We should blog about it. By "it", to be clear, I mean our plans for how we intend to create a foundation for wealth, success, happiness etc. starting this year.

So the point of the blog is multifaceted. First, I'll be laying out some stuff that we're working on (honestly, it may be vague at times because I have a thing about telling ideas before their done). I'll also be linking to and commenting on different books and articles that I read about business and entrepreneurship. You'll probably hear some of my own thoughts on the subject and I'm sure that a bunch of other things will get thrown in as we go along.

Hopefully, this project will help me stay focused, grounded and give me a chance to get some feedback and host some interesting conversations. HOPEFULLY, when it's all said and done, you'll get to follow the story of a young 20 something that goes from $0 in self generated cash flow to a nice stream of income by executing on his own ideas and wit. I cant promise I'll post everyday but stay tuned, comment, let me know your thoughts, email, send articles - all that stuff. I know everyone's tryin' to make it, so it's a team effort - this is a blog about that!

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